ABOUT LegalVidya

Legal Vidya is an imprint of VidhiAagaz, a series of peer-reviewed book (bearing ISBN) being published as an imprint of VidhiAagaz. It aims towards becoming a voice for the students, researchers, and the academic fraternity at large to show their research, Ideas, and suggestions to the world while increasing their academic knowledge.


The LegalVidya Campus Ambassador Program is one of the initiatives to outreach the maximum people of India while giving them an opportunity to learn professionalism and giving them an exposure to work with the other students of the colleges from all over India.

Term: 6 months (Will be extended on the basis of work)

Qualifications: Students pursuing any undergraduate or post-graduate course.

Number of Positions: Two (2) Campus Ambassador from each college/ university.

Who is Eligible to apply:

  1. Students pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate course.
  2. You must be enthusiastic and Hard-working, ready to accept the tasks.
  3. You mustn’t get ill frequently or isn’t too much busy that You can’t work
  4. You must be interested in Active Marketing related tasks.

What Perks we will Give You

To hold the position and lead Vidhi Aagaz is in itself matter of pride. But the opportunities come with the responsibilities too.

Some of the perks given to the people of VidhiAagaz are:

  • Certificate at the end of tenure, which will enhance your CV.
  • Earn While You Learn. 5% of the revenue generated by you will be disbursed to you at the end of a month or two months (whatever will be comfortable to us)
  • Get Discount on the activities of LegalVidya & VidhiAagaz.
  • Get Published onVidhiAagaz’s website and make the fraternity feel your presence by your words.
  • Exposure and Experience to work with the students from all over India.
  • To learn the professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc.
  • Opportunity to make your special identity, you can write yourself as <Post Name>, Vidhi Aagaz in your email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta profiles, blogs, personal pages etc.
  • SPECIAL RECOGNITION will be given for outstanding contribution during events and competitions.
  • Additional perks are given in specific posts.

How To Apply

Send your CV with Cover Letter at [email protected]


For any query, WhatsApp us at +91 93990-94820 or write us at [email protected]

Website is HERE