Become a CAMPUS AMBASSADOR of Vidhi Aagaz



“Vidhi Aagaz ( is an education website established with an aim to develop the writing and presentation skills of each and every individual. In order to achieve its aim, Vidhi Aagaz started with the Competitions and further published it’s flagship Journal “Scholars Paradise”. Taking a step further in the field of publication, Vidhi Aagaz gave a new shape to the publication of Blogging and started publishing the issues of blogs.

From its very establishment, Vidhi Aagaz has helped the students of 50+ colleges of 15+ states of India in their search of knowledge and Opportunities.


The Vidhi Aagaz Campus Ambassador Program is one of the initiatives to outreach the maximum students of India while giving them an opportunity to learn professionalism and giving them an exposure to work with the other students of the colleges from all over India.

Vidhi Aagaz has always recognized and awarded the deserving students with the bonus opportunities and through Our Campus Ambassador Program, we aim to give the students an opportunity to represent Vidhi Aagaz in their campus.

Term: 6 months (Will be extended on the basis of work)

Qualifications: Students pursuing any under-graduate or post-graduate course.

Number of Positions: Two (2) Campus Ambassador from each college/ university.


To hold the position of Campus Ambassador and lead Vidhi Aagaz in the concerned college is in itselfa matter of pride. But the opportunities comes with the responsibilities too.

Some of the perks given to campus ambassadors are:

  • Certificate as a Campus Ambassador, which will enhance your CV.
  • 4 FREE Blog Publications per month (worth Rs. 800)
  • Exposure and Experience to work with the students from all over India.
  • Opportunity to work with the Well established and experienced professors and professionals of your field.
  • To learn the professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc.
  • Opportunity to make your special identity, you can write yourself as Campus Ambassador, Vidhi Aagaz in your email signatures, LinkedIn, facebook, Insta profiles, blogs, personal pages etc.
  • SPECIAL RECOGNITION will be given for outstanding contribution during events and competitions
    • The position will be contractual basis and person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if work found unsatisfactory.
    • Perks will be increased or decreased on the basis of your work.

What do We expect From a CAMPUS AMBASSADOR?

The Campus Ambassadors will be an integral part of the Vidhi Aagaz Team. As a part of Vidhi Aagaz we Expect the following from the Campus Ambassadors.

  • hard-working, Honest and punctual candidate having good leadership, communication and organizational skill.
  • To Represent and lead Vidhi Aagaz in the concerned college.
  • To communicate the events and happening of the organization in their college and get the results too.
  • To communicate any event happening in their college to Vidhi Aagaz.
  • An active internet user, interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media.
  • To complete the tasks/works given to them from time to time.
  • To follow the code of conduct set forth by the organization and maintain its decorum and privacy at all times and situations.


25th November 2017.


Mail your CV at [email protected].


There is no fee to apply for the program.

For any queries mail us at [email protected] or contact us at +91 7067-17-7067.

Also, you can fill the query form HERE